Bake Diffuse Textures in Maya with Vray Baker

Tip related to this project -> Gundam Rodi UGY-R41

Tip version: #0.01, subject to changes, made with Vray 4.04

What if you texturize the High Poly (a film industry asset ready) and later you want to bake that texture info into a Low Poly version with different UVs?
The example here is with the VrayBaker in Maya...
Coming from texturing in Substance Painter in a Rough/Metal PBR workflow, we get this way a perfect Diffuse and somekind of "50% Rough/Metal mixed", nothing that we can not solve in a moment in Photoshop...

Retip: in case you miss the vraybake node due to a separate/combine operation, you only need to grab the geometry in the outliner with the middle mouse button and drag into the node, like that

Settings in Maya Vray, tested several output Render Elements, but only that options worked on give some texture info, anyway this Tip is version #0.01, remember? XD