Modeling Teacher at Master Maya 2016 3D & VFX

I was the Modeling Teacher at Master Maya 2016 3D & VFX taught at the Fictizia Academy.

Maite, Elena, Yeray, Jose, Mario y Josep. Thanks for being such nice students.

Below are some of the most important practices that made my students during the module.

Concept House

Modeling based on this beautiful concept from great artist Cattel-Ruz

Anime Car (Hard Surface Modeling)

Or how to start modeling a normal car, in this case an older Beatle, then transform it into "Super Deformed", or rather into the style of Toriyama in Dragon Ball ArtWorks.

Here one of the breakdowns which I loved to put them in the projector so that should not be lost while were modeling.

A Character (Soft & Subdiv Modeling)

Breakdown how to model the head and hands.

As anecdote, I was during a shortly period of time, Blender Teacher at Fine Arts Faculty of CES Felipe II-UCM University (Aranjuez), being part of an experiment by the University in the " Digital technologies, Sculpture Techniques and Procedures" course.

And I say experiment because it was at the end of a quarter and it was an optional subject, so the experience lasted only a couple of months, even so there was around 30 students in the classroom during its duration.

There were very basic things, no one had ever touched a 3D program, and to help them I did a blog with all the information we were giving, you can still see here Blog Blender Fine Arts