Software: Maya / Zbrush

This is not a breakdown page, it is a succession of images and notes/thoughts of 3 projects I'm doing in my (little) spare time.

So all the content of this page is purely WIP, all pictures may be (and must be) improved...And will posting updates frequently...

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Current State:

actual_status portadas

LORNA (TOPO SOFT 1990) Artwork by Alfonso Azpiri

LIVINGSTONE SUPONGO II (OPERA SOFT 1989) Artwork by Juan Giménez

PHANTIS (DINAMIC 1987) Artwork by Alfonso Azpiri

--- All Reference and InGame pictures are from their own authors (InGame pictures are from ZX Spectrum version) ---

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../ A General Fixing


References, Original Cover of the game and other pictures from comics by Alfonso Azpiri


First Model and First Pose matching the Ref with a rapid rig made in AdvancedSkeleton5


Weapon, with Original Cover Reference and others from comics by Azpiri


Weapon Bullets, using Maya Mash Network with an orient object (a ribbon) to drive the bullets facing vector

lorna_mash_network lorna_mash_network_gif

Belts and Straps


Base Terrain, Bad Robot, Good Robots (Arnold & ADL) and green curious little dragon


Some history advances so far...

lorna_wip_gif lorna_wip_colourtest

Playing with the render settings in Zbrush, this is like an "Amiga 500" loading screen



Original Cover Reference by the Great Juan Giménez, again start with a general base and quick rig in AdvancedSkeleton, next moving into Zbrush for working the volumes


I like to move back and forward between Maya and Z, as for example, with the boots and logo

livingstone_wip_boots livingstone_wip_logo

General Wip Views so far...

livingstone_wip_persp1 livingstone_wip_persp2


The Phantis Cover (another mythical artwork by Azpiri) is a really challengue to me...I wanted to make a solid sculpture/structure that can be able to rotate around, not only a view that satisficed the cover perspective, and including as many elements from the cover as possible.


So I thought about changing some positions of the faces surrounded Selena to composite a more dense/piramidal/vertical cylinder structure, and for the back, I liked then, to include some characters from the Game...

Maybe I´ll change the base to some kind of hexagonal cassete layout...Dont know, I will see...All depends on Selena´s Hair...

phantis_maybe_layout phantis_wip_body

Firsts sketches of the surrounding faces around Selena and Title


A General Fixing

When I started to make these models I still didn´t know that I would make a collection, and I didn´t take into account the proportions of the sculptures and the bases to make a balanced collection when printing.

Fortunately I realized in time, now I just need to redo some bases to fit the new ratio (specially the Lorna´s stage)

Models Decimated under 500k polys and removed some parts to be able to manage all of then in Maya at once